Recently I happened upon a super saver link for a ClassPass and it has changed my Summer. It came at a perfect point where my reckless abandonment of my gym membership in favour of ‘outdoor activities’ had a head-on collision with one of the UK’s wettest Summers. You know, that Summer that only arrived last week but leaves again today? That one.

Needless to say, my ‘early morning runs’ and ‘after work tennis’ dreams got lost to pubs and Netflix and my regular routine was stuck listening to on-hold music.

Cue my friend coaxing me to give ClassPass a try. If you aren’t aware of it, it’s essentially your pass to all manner of different classes dotted around your city from Ballet to Yoga, from HIIT classes to boxing. There’s a nifty app that allows you to check availability for a nearby class and you’re able to book until minutes before – which is the best bit. It’s flexible fitness that works with your last-minute plans and need for variety. I picked up the card as a taster from a handy link like this one; and haven’t looked back since.So far I’ve done a few gruelling HIIT classes (favourite venue is Rebel1 – hands down – and normally £20 a class), many different yoga classes (pictured is me trying out rooftop Yoga in the sunshine last week), Zumba, and Box-fit.

I’ll be honest; it’s not cheap. But as it’s persuaded even a hobby-hustler such as myself into 4-5 classes per week for the past month, which has led to less money spent on the local pub and already a healthier physique, then it’s money I’m happy finally found a good home.

If you do want to give it a go, use this link for either a 5-class taster (normally £55 for the month, down to £25) or the full unlimited package (down to £80, usually £110). Update November 2016: They have done away with the unlimited package, and now all new starters will only be offered a max 10 class pack for £105. Discount still applies.

Next up, using the classpass to tackle my hobby list for 2016 with Barre – watch this space!


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