There’s a reason for the baggy clothes. Throw everything you’ve learnt in ballet lessons out of the window. Slouch, hunch, keep loose and flat-footed. Street/Hiphop dance is essentially a flow of quick snap moves executed with attitude.

Not sure what street dancing is? The head stands and back flips are a very small and advanced part of this nifty dance. Britain’s got Talent winners Diversity cover off two of the moves we learnt in our beginners session; the wave and the pop:

After buying a voucher through DanceBuzz for a few dance taster sessions, I opted for street dancing as I’d watched enough movies to know I didn’t want to be caught out in a dance off. In the fancy surrounds of the Fitness First on Baker St, a co-ed group of around 20 of us spread out in the gym hall.

Our young, enthusiastic teacher lead us in a warm up before showing us some moves. As with many street dances, this one started with a bear hug clap as we launched into a few head bobs and leg ‘pops’. Once the footwork was getting more familiar, hand movements were added along with more complicated pivots. Just as we were starting to get the hang of the routine, she added a hip hop beat and doubled the pace, losing most of us after the clap.

While it was fun to try out, it didn’t fit naturally with me, and I don’t think I’m really cool enough to pull it off. That said, I can still pull out the Running Man and the Carlton Dance when required.


  • Cost – £.
  • Energy – The beginners’ class didn’t build up too much sweat but a few classes in I can imagine it to be a good work-out.
  • Sociability – Pretty good, classes average 10-20 people and at beginner stage people are up for a chat.
  • Equipment needed – just gym clothes.

Want to give it a go?

Classes range from £9-£15 and many offer a single session for those wanting to try before committing. Below are a few links, untested:

One thought on “Stop. Hammertime – Street Dancing

  1. Reminds me of the time I was signed up for a flashmob streetdance event that would be beamed live during Eurovision. The Youtube tutorial was so hard, I gave up after trying to learn it for an hour and ordered the Fame dance workout on DVD instead. Eurovision fame extinguished.

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